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Loud thump: LaudaMotion loses parts in flight

Loud thump: LaudaMotion loses parts in flight

Parts of the plane are said to have been liberated on the Lauda Motion flight bound for Mallorca.

The flight to Palma, flight number FR500, started an hour late for about 150 passengers. The planned device could not be started due to technical problems. An alternative flight was provided to Palma de Mallorca about two hours later.

But about 20 minutes into the flight, a loud bang was heard from the 15-year-old Airbus A320, passengers reported after it landed. Former flight attendant writes on facebookThat it immediately became clear to her that the noise should not come from inside the cabin, but from outside.

slight disturbance

After the strong explosion, the plane was said to have experienced a slight turbulence, and the rest of the flight went smoothly. However, upon landing, one could see that parts of the aircraft above the left wing had been liberated during flight. A gap in the fairing was clearly visible, and passengers photographed the damage to the runway.

Despite the request, there was no explanation from LaudaMotion about this incident. It appears that the damaged plane has returned to Vienna. A report of the incident has already been submitted to Air Traffic Control. LaudaMotion has often made headlines due to the poor maintenance of its aircraft.

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