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First Aiden launched by Best Western in Australia |  Messages

First Aiden launched by Best Western in Australia | Messages

With Sydney’s Aiden Darling Harbor, the first hotel by lifestyle brand Aiden, which belongs to the BWH Hotel Group, has opened in Australia. The new boutique hotel, located in the nightlife district of Pyrmont next to the capital’s port, has 88 rooms, some with their own balconies.

The hotel is housed in a completely modern, Art Deco building from the 1930s. This artistic style continues in accents in the modern interior and design concept of Aiden Darling Harbor, which was heavily inspired by the hip neighborhood and locals. Guests spend the night in beds with velvety blue headboards, the color of which is supposed to remind of the blue of the harbor sink.

The hotel also features several fluted glass elements inspired by the shapes of the opposite Pyrmont Bridge and a 200-piece light sculpture in the lobby that mimics sunlight dimmed by eucalyptus leaves. The view from the hotel rooms leads either to the Australian city skyline or to a 25 meter high ‘evergreen’ mural inside the hotel depicting a subtropical rainforest.

The walls of the hotel rooms are decorated with delicate floral paintings of local plants. All murals in the hotel are hand painted by a local artist Jessica Lecklerc. Hotel room furniture was also made in the area. All of these details, big and small, metaphorically bring the surrounding Sydney neighborhood inside and are meant to offer guests an authentic Australian experience.

Floral murals on the walls and views of the Sydney skyline. (Photo: © BWH Hotel Group Central Europe)

Anchored locally in Al-Wark neighborhood

Local produce, aromas and aromas also await guests in the lobby as well as at Wayfarer’s Café and Café: already in the entrance area they encounter the hotel’s signature botanical scent, which comes from Em Cook’s handmade candles, which also come from Pyrmont, throughout the region exuding. The croissants in the café come from nearby PiOiK bakery, Staves Beer is brewed next door in the Glebe and the wine list reads like a journey through the whole of Australia. There are also three different Aiden by Best Western Signature cocktails, freshly blended with local spirits. Those wishing to explore the area around the hotel will find special offers for an authentic stay, from a guided behind-the-scenes walking tour of the glamorous waterfront to a luxury private sailing excursion with Sydney By Sail.

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Aiden Darling Harbor was designed in association with BWH Hotel Group by original Sydney owner Nicholas Chen and Pyrmont local Michael Sharp as general manager. Rooms are designed to focus on the basics for a smart, comfortable and affordable stay, such as free Wi-Fi, Chromecasting devices, minibar replacement refrigerators, digital room keys, and luxuries like Dyson hair dryers. Luxurious design and the latest technology ensure a safe stay and include, for example, the purification of air conditioning in each room and the constant flow of fresh air throughout the building.

(BWH/MK Hotel Group)