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Lower Austria: “In-Kind” wins important award

Lower Austria: “In-Kind” wins important award

In the summer of 2024, the “In-Kind” team from FH IMC-Krems will receive an important prize: they will participate in the renowned Berkeley Summer School for Entrepreneurship and thus have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and further develop them in Silicon Valley.

No. The competition culminated in a demo day at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, where each team presented their projects to a high-level jury. Team “In-Kind”, consisting of Chieh Pan, Natalia Aldana and Nina Mrzelj, impressed the jury with their platform, which optimizes the management of in-kind donations using state-of-the-art technology. The platform allows in-kind donations to be efficiently documented, sorted and distributed between private donors and social enterprises in real time. In the future, prediction models will be incorporated to further optimize the process.

The Importance of Berkeley's Summer School for Entrepreneurship

The importance of this initiative was highlighted by the state governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, who emphasized that participation in the Berkeley Summer School for Entrepreneurship provides students with valuable insights into the dynamic startup world of Silicon Valley and promotes international knowledge exchange. Projects like “In-Kind” clearly show how young talents from Lower Austria are developing innovative solutions that address societal challenges.

In-Kind Founders' Vision for Berkeley Journey

In-Kind’s founders are excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities ahead. They see the engagement as a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge, gain new perspectives, and make valuable connections. They are especially proud that their work not only drives technological innovation, but also has a direct social benefit by improving the efficiency and transparency of donation management.

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Supported by Tecnet Equity and Accent Incubator

Doris Agneter from tecnet Equity emphasizes that the program aims to promote international knowledge exchange in the technology sector and to enable young founders from Lower Austria to look beyond national borders. Michael Moll from Accent emphasizes that participation in the Berkeley Summer School for Entrepreneurship is crucial for the development of the participants and has already achieved significant progress for graduates in the past.

Future prospects after the award

Overall, the award not only provides the “Ainy” team with the opportunity to further develop their technology platform, but also to gain valuable experience in international entrepreneurship. Participation in the Berkeley Summer School for Entrepreneurship promises to strengthen their vision and provide them with new ways to scale their innovative solutions globally and create lasting impact.

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