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Ludwig advises intensive care physicians + asthma medications to reduce hospital risks by 90%

Ludwig advises intensive care physicians + asthma medications to reduce hospital risks by 90%

  • Today 07:26 AM

    China doubts the effectiveness of its own vaccine – and is pushing back

    “Chinese vaccines do not have very high protection rates,” said the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

  • Today 6:56 AM

    Facilitation in England, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia

    In England and Austria’s neighbors such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia, measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic will be eased further from Monday. In the Czech Republic, the Corona emergency ends after more than six months. In Slovenia, the ban on leaving the region without an exception permit and the night curfew will not be enforced on Monday. In Serbia, shopping centers have reopened.

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  • Today 6:49 am

    Votes for the compulsory test for Corona at work in Germany

    The German Labor Minister got off to the start. Many supporters are now advancing.

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  • Today, 06:01 AM

    Aerosol Researchers for Policy: Focus on Interiors

    Prominent aerosol researchers from Germany have called on politicians to change the course of measures to contain the Corona epidemic. A letter to the German and state governments stated: “If we want to control the epidemic, we must educate people that the danger is at home.” However, arguments about strolling river parks, staying in beer gardens, jogging, or biking are counterproductive.

  • Today 05:31 AM

    The dispute in Chile over the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine

    Debate rages in Chile over the use of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine. The government still thinks vaccination makes sense. After the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced at a conference on Saturday that the vaccine does not have very high protection rates, Science Minister Andres Cove defended the vaccine.

    According to Couve, it is important to focus on the available data and Sinovac’s effectiveness. A study conducted by the University of Chile last week showed the vaccine to be 54% effective. The other vaccines used around the world are of course much more effective. Chile has ordered 60 million doses of Senovac to be given to 18 million people in Chile over three years.

  • Today 05:31 AM

    good morning!

    Joseph Seifert and I will accompany you to the week again today and provide you with the most important information about Coronavirus at this point.

    Have a good start to the week!

  • 11/4/2021, 09:32 pm

    The commitment to the Browno District Exit Test ends

    As of Monday, there is no longer any mandatory exit test from Upper Austria. Browno district. Increased testing capabilities will be retained as well as major controls by the police over corona rules generally in force for the time being. After Braunau’s seven-day infection rate was above the threshold value of 400 for a few days, the state had an obligation to conduct preventive testing from Easter until April 11, before federal regulations went into effect.

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  • 04/11/2021, 08:49 pm

    The Chairman of the Federal Reserve sees a turning point for the US economy

    According to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, the US economy has reached a turning point in the Corona crisis. The Fed chairman told CBS in an interview published on Sunday that he expected an increase in economic growth and an acceleration of new job creation. However, there is a risk that the Corona pandemic will erupt again. “We feel we are in a place where the economy is growing faster, and job creation is much faster,” Powell said. “The main danger to our economy at the moment is that the disease could spread again.” It is recommended that residents continue to observe the rules of distance and wear masks.

  • 11/4/2021, 06:36 pm

    Asthma medication reduces hospital risk by 90 percent

    For once, this is encouraging news from Corona. German epidemiologist and politician Karl Lauterbach tweeted: “Now a very important and long-awaited Oxford study on budesonide asthma spray for Covid infection has been published. In my opinion, the rules of the game are changing because the study was done well.” An asthma spray likely avoids 90 percent of all hospital stays.

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  • 11/4/2021, 06:09 pm

    Italy: 331 dead and 15,486 new injuries

    In Italy, the death toll from the Coronavirus fell again slightly on Sunday. There were 331 deaths in Corona, the previous day there were 334 cases. The Ministry of Health in Rome said that the number of new infections decreased from 17,567 to 15,486. 114,254 people have died so far as a result of infection with Covid 19.

  • 11/4/2021, 05:26 pm

    The largest number of intensive care patients in Vienna

    In Vienna, eight more patients have been admitted to intensive care since Saturday, and now there are 243 people in need of treatment. Last week, 20 patients were added, which is an increase of nine percent. At the highest level in Austria in November, a maximum of 162 Covid 19 patients were treated in Vienna’s intensive care units, as were many on November 21. The current record means an increase of 50 percent to the maximum at that time.

  • 11/4/2021, 04:32 pm

    421 new infections in Upper Austria

    In Upper Austria, 421 new cases of coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours. Health authorities announced Sunday. The number of active cases decreased slightly, to 4,085 people, 77 fewer than the previous day. Three more deaths have been reported. These are people between the ages of 59 and 80. The situation in hospitals remains tense: 231 patients with COVID-19 were treated in regular wards, and 68 patients – more than the previous day – were in intensive care units. The cases, which lasted for seven days, were 209. And 9,715 people were in quarantine in Upper Austria on Sunday.

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  • 04/11/2021, 04:25 pm

    United States of America: 4.6 million vaccines in one day

    More than 4.6 million vaccines were introduced in the United States on Saturday, a “new record”, Cyrus Shahbar, in charge of Corona data at the White House, wrote on Twitter. Coronavirus coordinator at the White House, Jeff Zentes, announced, Friday, that an average of three million vaccine doses have been administered across the United States. According to the CDC, more than 183 million vaccine doses have been injected across the country. Forty-five percent of adults in the country have received at least one dose of vaccination, and 27 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated. Three vaccines are currently in use in the USA: In addition to preparations from Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer, in which two doses are injected, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also used, which develops its full effect after only one dose.

  • 11/4/2021, 03:43 PM

    The situation in India is getting drastically worse

    The corona pandemic is also getting worse in India. The number of new infections every day reached a new high on Sunday. The Ministry of Health in New Delhi announced that 152,879 new cases were registered within 24 hours. During the same period, 839 deaths related to the Covid-19 disease were recorded. The number of deaths recorded since the start of the epidemic has risen to nearly 170,000. In absolute numbers, India is the third most affected country with a total of more than 13.3 million confirmed infections – after Brazil and the United States of America.

    The number of coronavirus cases has grown faster and faster in the South Asian country of 1.3 billion people in the past few weeks. However, until recently there were no restrictions on public life. Emergency measures such as nighttime exit restrictions and school closures have now been imposed in the capital, New Delhi and several states. People over the age of 45 have also been vaccinated in India since the beginning of April.

  • 11/4/2021, 03:28 PM

    More than 600 patients are in intensive care units

    The situation is getting worse in Austrian intensive care units. More than 600 people with COVID-19 were required to receive intensive care on Sunday. The last time there was a similar number of patients was in December. The development in Vienna was especially dramatic. More than ever, 243 critically ill people had to be cared for in intensive care units. The Ministry of Interior and Health reported 2,252 new infections and 25 more deaths on Sunday.

  • 11/4/2021, 03:25 PM

    Italy: Demonstration against mandatory vaccination of health workers

    In Italy, there are growing protests against the anti-Covid restrictions. Several hundred people demonstrated Sunday morning in Rome to protest the government’s decision to force health workers to be vaccinated. Demonstrators gathered in Piazza del Popolo in the center of the country and chanted slogans against the “dictatorship of health”.

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    The phrase “from heroes to criminals” can be read on the protesters’ signs. Nurses, doctors, psychologists and pharmacists protested against the “compulsory vaccination”, which had been in effect for ten days, as they demanded. Health care workers who have not been vaccinated will be moved in the future, if possible, to places where infection could not occur. If this is not possible, they will be suspended until December 31 – without pay.


  • 11/4/2021, 03:19 PM

    Belgium: A man had a fatal accident while fleeing the Corona party

    In Belgium, a participant in the illegal “Corona Party” died while fleeing police officers. When officials arrived to disperse a crowd of eight at an Antwerp hotel, the 21-year-old climbed out the window and fell into the depths.

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  • 11/4/2021, 02:36 PM

    2,252 new cases of corona in Austria

    The numbers of reported infection are dropping again.

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  • 04/11/2021, 12:58 pm

    116 new injuries in Salzburg

    In the federal state of Salzburg, health authorities have recorded 116 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the past 24 hours. The number of injured people decreased slightly by 64 to 2,133. The number of patients who had to be treated in intensive care units on Sunday remained steady at 25. A total of 105 people with Covid-19 were undergoing in-hospital treatment, five fewer than the previous day.

    Authorities have reported another death, and a total of 546 people have died in connection with corona in Salzburg since the start of the epidemic.

    On Monday, the mobile Red Cross vaccination teams in Salzburg will begin giving vaccines to people with reduced mobility. This is an important addition to the current offerings in vaccination practices and streets, and dampens the rescue service, she said in a broadcast on Sunday.

  • 11/4/2021, 12:57 pm

    121 new infections in Tirol

    The related figures in the Corona pandemic have stabilized in Tirol over the past few days. In a 24-hour comparison, the number of infected people is currently down from 2,204 to 2,134 on Sunday, according to the state of Tirol. 137 people have been hospitalized, fewer than the previous day. And 32 of them were in intensive care, three times less than it was on Saturday. However, another person died with the Coronavirus.

    During the past 24 hours, the authorities recorded the injury of 121 new people in Tirol. There were 190 people who recovered. Most of the Covid cases continued in the most populated region of Innsbruck Land with 515 cases, followed by the state capital Innsbruck 457. The third most affected area was the Kufstein region with 335 new infections.