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Lufthansa and the union are seeking arbitration in the collective bargaining dispute

Lufthansa and the union are seeking arbitration in the collective bargaining dispute

The last round of negotiations also remained unsuccessful. In contrast to the Verdi consortium, Lufthansa has seen a convergence. Verdi is pushing for an agreement by Easter

According to Lufthansa, the collective bargaining parties are seeking arbitration in a collective bargaining dispute between parent company AUA Lufthansa and the Verdi union over more money for ground staff. Lufthansa announced on Thursday that the latest round of negotiations had not yielded results. “Both sides want to agree to arbitration.”

Verdi negotiator Marvin Reczynski announced that the negotiations had failed and confirmed that the union was offering Lufthansa mediation. However, Verdi sets conditions for this: the employer must promise to reach a result in the arbitration, in which the two parties appoint mediators, by Easter Saturday and then acknowledge it.

Verdi is demanding a 12.5 percent increase in salaries and bonuses

Verdi is scheduled to hold a strike vote among members starting at the beginning of next week, which will pave the way for an indefinite forced strike. Reczynski criticized Lufthansa for not improving its offer during the last two days of negotiations. This would amount to a 10% tariff increase for 28 months, plus an inflation premium. Verdi is demanding a 12.5 percent raise for about 25,000 employees on the ground, i.e. at least 500 euros, for twelve months, plus an inflation compensation bonus of 3,000 euros.

Michael Nijman, Lufthansa's Human Resources Director, explained that despite the rapprochement, reaching a conclusion is not yet enough. “Together we now want to clarify the open points with the help of arbitration in order to then reach an agreement.” Meanwhile, negotiations are still ongoing at Lufthansa regarding the payment of approximately 20,000 flight attendants in the main brand and in the regional subsidiary. City line.

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“The arbitration process must end as quickly as possible and there must be a commitment to peace during the arbitration,” Lufthansa explained. Verdi makes whether further strikes are off the table now depends on whether Lufthansa agrees to arbitration terms and whether or not it will take place. Employees have stopped working twice in the past few weeks to put the company under pressure. The majority of Lufthansa flights were cancelled, meaning that around 100,000 passengers had to change their plans each time. (APA/Reuters)

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