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Lufthansa stock: Omikron turns flight plans upside down - AUA gives details |  12/26/21

Lufthansa stock: Omikron turns flight plans upside down – AUA gives details | 12/26/21

The Omikron wave is reducing the number of airlines offered worldwide, including AUA.

In response to the APA’s request, the German subsidiary of Lufthansa announced today: “Unfortunately, due to the mixed pandemic and booking status, we also had to reduce our original flight schedule mainly for the period from 3-8 calendar weeks 2022.”

This affects the VIE-YUL and VIE-IKA intercontinental routes, as well as the VIE-BLQ, VIE-CGN, VIE-OZH, VIE-SBZ, VIE-NUE/LEJ, VIE-MAN and VIE-PMI intercontinental routes, according to Airline.

Sister company Swiss has canceled about 2,900 flights on its winter schedule. Switzerland announced today that the cancellations will mainly affect the period from mid-January to the end of March. In the past few weeks, 1,200 flights have already been cancelled. Now there are 1,700 more cancellations. The total number of canceled flights, 2,900, represents about eight percent of the flights planned.

Parent company Lufthansa has also canceled several flights on its winter schedule due to a lack of demand. Every tenth flight planned will be cancelled, and a total of 33,000 connections have been cancelled. The Germans justified this week’s stoppage with a “sharp drop in bookings”. Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair, the parent company of Lauda Europe, has announced that it will cut its flight program by a third in January.

There is currently a lot going on in the air. US airlines have canceled hundreds of flights over Christmas due to Omikron. According to CNN, about 1,700 flights within, to or from the United States have been affected by cancellations.

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At Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt, the Christmas holidays went smoothly and quietly, according to information provided by the company. Even on Boxing Day, everything was going well, said a spokesperson for operator Fraport on Sunday.


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