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McDonald’s: Bad news for customers – a radical move

McDonald’s French fries crisis. What seems like a joke is now a serious issue for millions of Japanese. Soon you will run out of fries.

Sure, it sounds weird, but for McDonald’s it’s not funny at all. As global supply chains have been affected by the floods in western Canada and the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Japanese are now shaken by French fries.

Fast food giant McDonald’s has already had to reduce the portion size of its French fries in Japan. Reason: It is no longer possible to deliver sufficient quantities of popular potato sticks.

McDonald’s: Customers in Japan should shiver because of their french fries

Since Friday, only small portions have been served at 2,900 restaurants in Japan. How long the rationing will last is still unclear. Despite all the problems, the company wants to maintain a “stable supply of core components”, so “picture“.

However, in Germany, fans of french fries among McDonald’s customers do not have to worry yet. There are currently no known supply chain issues.

McDonald’s, Kentucky & Co.: Why do the Japanese celebrate Christmas at fast food restaurants?

Particularly critical: Christmas days are very important for fast food restaurants in Japan. McDonald’s competitor, Kentucky Fried Chicken, benefits from this. Millions of Japanese try to get a table at a fast food chain at Christmas.

Background: Christmas doesn’t play a big role in Japan. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken was promoting its Christmas menu with roast turkey as early as the 1970s. This advertisement has become so popular with the Japanese that it has become a habit to eat fast food on Christmas Days ever since. Therefore, KFC makes about five percent of its sales in Japan in the days from December 23 to December 25. (Allah)

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