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Lufthansa vaccination regulations: the union determines the place of admission –

According to the German Flight Attendants Association UFO, the coronavirus vaccination regulations requested by parent AUA Lufthansa will not raise any objection among the cabin crew.

“The voluntary scheme will be very well received, which can be seen from the comments about it,” said Stefan Schwerthelm, who is responsible for collective bargaining issues at the union and a member of Lufthansa’s staff representatives, today.

Since there is no legal basis for coronavirus vaccination requirements in Germany, only the company’s agreement can organize a framework to make vaccination a prerequisite for the deployment of kits. Vaccination remains a voluntary matter.

Vaccination regulations for flight staff

Lufthansa has announced that it will strive to establish an exclusive vaccination list for airline employees. Otherwise, planning for deployment to international air traffic will be made more difficult by countries’ entry regulations.

“It is not possible to agree to the vaccination requirement in the company in Germany, only voluntary information on the vaccination status,” Schwerthelm said. From a UFO’s point of view, the tricky thing is ensuring data is protected when information about vaccinations is provided by employees.

Most of the employees have been vaccinated

However, in practice, any worker who wants to be deployed on flights in countries that have been vaccinated against Covid-19 must be vaccinated. Otherwise, your publishing options will be limited.

But the union said that at Lufthansa, most cabin workers were vaccinated anyway. International working colleagues are familiar with these health protection requirements.