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Bitcoin miners were operated by illegal gas-powered power plants

Bitcoin miners were operated by illegal gas-powered power plants

In Canada, decommissioned gas sources for cryptocurrency mining are being reactivated.

The biggest factor in cryptocurrency mining is that energy costs. If these are too high, it will take a long time for the mining hardware purchase costs to be amortized. Hence the bitcoin miner is not profitable in this site.

There are companies in Canada that have found a way to get cheap energy. You buy operators for this purpose Abandoned natural gas sources Away. They are abandoned when the delivery rate is too low and the operation is no longer profitable as a result. But this does not mean that the source has dried up completely.

An abandoned gas source becomes a gas power plant

Connecting global technologies It is one of the companies that buys and uses these gas sources. Instead of filling and transporting expensive natural gas, it is converted into electricity directly on site using generators. So basically it will Construction of a small gas-fired power plant. Containers will be created with bitcoin mining hardware right next to them.

Two gas-powered bitcoin mines have now opened by order of an authority Alberta closed. Link Global does not have any permission to build gas-fired power plants in the vicinity Saskatchewan province border (3.5 MW) and in the city hemeralopic fish (5 megawatts).

Noise pollution from continuously running generators

Everything was blown up because the facility in Sturgeon is only about 900 meters from an expensive apartment complex. Residents complained about the noise of generators working day and night. “It looks like a plane is warming up the engines on the runway,” says a city resident. CBC Quoted. Another draws the comparison to an airplane: “We sat in the jacuzzi in the garden. When the wind turned, we wondered if a plane was landing on our land.”

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The reporting authorities intervened. Generators are allowed in Alberta Less than 10 megawatts for personal use Use without approval. However, this only applies if the conditions of the framework are true. This means: no noise pollution and no environmental pollution.

Link Global tried to talk her way out of it

However, Link Global generators are loud, and burning natural gas produces carbon dioxide. Link Global tried to talk his way out of it first. The company claimed to have conducted a noise inspection but was unable to provide any documents or results of the inspection to the authorities.

After that, you’re said to be doing a good job for the environment by using existing gas sources rather than drilling new ones. Because one way or another it escapes the locking systems Methane is a greenhouse gas So it’s better to do something useful than just let the gas pollute the environment.

In addition, it was introduced to operate the system only during the day and to plant hedges as a means of protection against noise. In the future, one could also consider using the waste heat from the Bitcoin system as area heating. But the authorities refused, and operations had to be halted for the time being.

Other companies are mining bitcoin in Alberta

The first partial penalty is converted Between $20,000 and $60,000 reach. This shouldn’t be a big deal for Link Global. According to the company, you will do with 10 megawatts of output 1.2 bitcoins per day Prospecting – according to the current path that will end 56,000 USD. The total production of the two stations concerned is 8.5 megawatts and it was Since summer 2020 around the clock In process.

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The CEO of Link Global has admitted the error. If you cannot reach an agreement with the neighbors and the authorities, then the factories there will be closed and moved to another place. It is located in Canada Tens of thousands of abandoned gas wells.

Link Global isn’t the only company that knows this. Mining in Alberta since 2017 upstream data With gas from abandoned sources to Bitcoin. An American company called Black Rock Petroleum have even announced Million graphics cards Or buy special hardware to mine bitcoin from China and bring it to Alberta. After mining was banned in China, the corresponding devices were sold relatively cheaply (compared to a few months ago). But mostly only for those who collect it themselves and in quantities of at least 1000 pieces or more.

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