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Luminar Neo: New Magic Light AI expansion and special offers

Luminar Neo: New Magic Light AI expansion and special offers

In keeping with the festival, there’s a new expansion for Luminar Neo: Magical Light AI. The effect allows for a shimmering sheen in stripes or stars. Also new: each of the seven Luminar Neo accessories can now be purchased individually for €49 each. for readers photoscala There is again a discount code, and the manufacturer Skylum is currently giving a volume discount when purchasing several accessories.

Today, Syklum presents Magical Light, the seventh expansion for Luminar Neo. It transforms point light sources and highlights stars or stripes. Artificial intelligence helps the function to recognize the required light sources. Especially now in the run-up to Christmas, a clever function that creates atmospheric photos.

The new Magic Light AI expansion offers many more options.

Magical Light AI gives you a lot of freedom when designing lighting effects. The intensity, size, or number of the light strips can be set, as well as the width of the strips as well as the brightness, clarity, rotation, and strength of the glow effect. The magic light can now I ordered it individually for 49 euros Download is possible from December 15th. As a reader of photoscala You will also get a €10 discount if you enter the code at the checkout of the online store photoscalanio Locate.

All add-ons are now also available individually and at a volume discount

Like the new Magic Light AI are all the others Six expansions for Luminar Neo Now also available individually for €49 each – and €10 off if you use a coupon code photoscalanioLocate. These extensions are currently available for Luminar Neo:

  • Magic Light AI: Converts points of light into stars or stripes
  • Superior artificial intelligence: Fixes poor focus and motion blur
  • Focus on stacking AI: Merges multiple shots of slightly different focus into a single image with a constant depth of field
  • High-end artificial intelligence: The image resolution is greatly increased without defects
  • AI background removal: Separates the main subject from its background.
  • AI Noise Free: Improves noisy recordings and reconstructs fine details.
  • HDR Merge: Combines exposure bracketing into an image with perfectly defined highlights and shadows.
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Plus 10 € off with our discount code photoscalaniothere are more ways to save: up to 25% off volume if you Now many Luminar Neo accessories linked. And secondly, another 10% off with our discount code photoscala. This is especially useful if you have added a program of more than €100 to your cart.

In addition, the full expansion pack will still be available as a subscription to Bundle with Luminar Neo progress. Subscription currently costs €89 for the first year and €119 for each subsequent year. This includes not only all current and future extensions, but also the Luminar Neo photo editor.