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Macron wants to form a grand coalition

Macron wants to form a grand coalition

After the parliamentary elections in France He has a boss. Emmanuel Macron parties to form one Grand coalition From all civil parties.

In a letter to the population published in several newspapers, Macron said honest dialogue was necessary to create a strong majority for the country made up of different parties. It was the first time Macron had commented on the election result, in which his centrist camp was defeated.

Macron wants a grand coalition

The victorious left-wing coalition refused to form a government. The new coalition called on Macron on Tuesday evening to task him with forming a government. The coalition of the Greens, Socialists, Communists and the Left Party is now the strongest force, but far from an absolute majority. Without additional partners, the coalition will not be able to govern and could be blocked by other political camps.

The French government must be restructured.

Macron called on parties to use solidarity against the right, which has prevented Marine Le Pen’s National Rally from winning, to form a government. As a partner in a grand coalition, Macron wanted parties that recognize the republic’s institutions and are European-oriented. He did not specify whether he was excluding the left-wing La France Insoumise party as well as the eurosceptic National Front.

Macron said that since the political forces need some time to reach the necessary compromise, the current government will initially remain in office as acting leader. The president has no deadline to appoint a new prime minister.

The leftist coalition won surprisingly.

Meanwhile, three days after the election, the parties continued their struggle over which political camp would form the future government. Following its surprise victory, the left-wing coalition discussed who should be proposed as prime minister if a government is formed.

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France Info radio reported that no agreement was reached at an overnight meeting between the Socialists and the Left Party. The two parties are vying for dominance in the left-wing coalition.

Right-wing nationalist RN in opposition

The Socialists therefore see their party leader Olivier Faure as the right candidate. The Left Party spoke in favour of its deputy Clémence Jette, who has already organised the 2022 presidential campaign for the Left Party founder Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The Left Alliance entered the parliamentary elections without a main candidate and has announced that it will name a candidate for prime minister by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

The right-wing nationalist National Front party clearly sees itself in the role of opposition. Meanwhile, representatives of other parties and movements within the camps are exploring options for cooperation or alliance in order to achieve a majority and thus the possibility of forming a government.

BFMTV reported that both the Socialists and the conservative Republicans are considering cooperating with Macron's centrist camp. According to the broadcaster, there are also considerations on the left wing of the former government bloc to form a new political camp led by former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.