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Madrid – Belgrade: a basketball match about a mass brawl …

Madrid – Belgrade: a basketball match about a mass brawl …

The match was counted as a victory for Belgrade. Due to the many disqualifications of players involved in the brawl, there is not enough left for the game to continue. Heavy penalties will follow.

The Euroleague match between the basketball teams Real Madrid and Partizan Belgrade was canceled shortly before the end due to a mass brawl between the players. After a brutal foul by Real Madrid goalkeeper Sergio Jol with 100 seconds left, the professionals from both teams clashed on the floor and had to step back. The punishments were harsh.

According to the live Euroleague tape, more than 20 players were declared disqualified by the referees. The match was stopped at 95:80 for the Belgrade guests because neither team had the necessary number of players to follow.

The game was then rated 95:80 for Partizan, as announced by the Euroleague. Real Madrid also lost the first match of the quarter-finals at home with a score of 87:89 to Partizan, which leads 2:0 in the “best-of-five” series.

Clubs have to pay a fine of €50,000

The Euroleague strongly condemned the events in its statement. They violated the values ​​of respect that the league, the clubs, and basketball stand for. The punishments were harsh. Both clubs have to pay €50,000 each, and four players have been banned. Gershon Yabousli, a Real Madrid player, was the worst affected. He has thrown his opponent Dante Exum to the ground and has to watch the next five matches.