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For the cup final Rapid vs Sturm: screens in football stadiums

For the cup final Rapid vs Sturm: screens in football stadiums

In June 1995, when Rapid won the Austrian Cup final for the last time… the 38-year-old was still running alongside fearless Rapid rivals in second-tier Leoben. Walter Schechner a;

…it was later ORF– General Manager and Rapid Current President Alexander and Rabitz As per dear veteran ORFfellow athletes “little or no idea about football”;

… Cell phones were used only for making calls, and also – if the owners were technically competent and courteous – for sending short messages as well.

After 28 years, visitors to matches in the VIP area in particular are more often looking at their smartphones than they are at the field. Especially when it comes to getting a picture (presentation) of whether the referee or VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is correct in controversial scenes. Slow motion loops can be viewed across the broadcast. However, with a delay of up to 40 seconds compared to viewers at home in Pachinkino.

In the case of VAT interventions, all large screens are shown in the stadium. Not only in Austria, but everywhere on the continent. And so also in the largest stadium in Europe, the Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​​​which will soon be closed for several years due to renovation and expansion work. There, in front of 90,000 visitors, the match clock on the Vidi walls will be turned off after exactly 90 minutes.

© Photo: Currier Graphic

Overtime should not be shown. UEFA wants it this way. Austrian Advocate and League Council Christian Ebenbauer On the other hand, after the intervention of the VAR, the decision to score or kick a yes or no penalty does not seem endless. Additionally, the justice fanatic goes against the grain when a calibrated streak is used on TV as a guarantee that the right sneak decisions are made without exception.

Incidentally, in June ’95 Ebenbauer broke into SV Gablitz on an express loan after a stopover in Vienna. That is why today’s league coach has studied more than he has coached.

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