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Magenta launched a unified TV solution for all customers

Hybrid TV solution combines cable TV and IPTV under one roof

With its new hybrid TV solution, Magenta wants to offer a unified TV product across Austria, regardless of access technology.

With its new hybrid TV solution, Magenta wants to offer a unified TV product across Austria, regardless of access technology. (© Magenta Telekom)

Magenta launches a completely new solution for TV: this means that the company’s entire range of TV products will be available throughout Austria for the first time – regardless of whether the customer has a cable connection or the Internet technology chosen by Magenta. According to the provider, this is made possible by their hybrid TV solution that works with both IPTV and cable TV.

So far, the full product range with all the features and all the available TV channels can only be offered to customers with a cable connection. With the new world of TV products, Magenta offers all customers a unified TV product for the first time at the level of Austria with the Same definitions, functions, TV channels and devices It is used. “With the new Magenta TV, a paradigm shift has been achieved for our customers and our company. It’s ours Austria’s first technology-neutral TV solution, which is transmitted across our multi-award winning networks. What was previously reserved for our cable customers is now available to all customers across Austria thanks to IP streaming, regardless of what type of Magenta internet they are using or where they are at the moment,” explains this Volker Leibowski, CTIO Magenta Telekom.

What’s new in Magenta TV

Magenta TV is on On all internet-enabled devices, on which purple tv app Installed, for example on smartphones, tablets and via popular Internet browsers (via Ensures the best TV experience on TVs new purple tv box, which is supported by Android TV and Chromecast built-in. In a compact form (125 x 125 x 25 mm, 300 g), the new Magenta TV Box powered by Android TV offers access to thousands of apps in the Google Play Store. Among them are Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, ORF-TVthek, YouTube and many more. The premium TV experience powered by Android TV OS for Magenta customers is due to the extended partnership between parent company Deutsche Telekom and Google.

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The new Magenta TV and TV Box bring that The best TV experience of cable TV and Internet TV under one roof. With the Google Play Store, customers can access a wide range of apps. Combined with built-in Chromecast, the new Magenta TV Box becomes a complete entertainment center Lipovsky. Our new TV solution is a Content aggregator. Magenta TV provides customers with editorial recommendations for movies and series from various sources such as live TV and on-demand providers.”

Up to four devices at the same time

With this new TV solution it’s possible Up to four devices simultaneously Watch. Each screen turns into a TV with recognizable features like 7-day replay, skip to the start of the current programme, pause live shows and Magenta On Demand for renting the best movies and series with the push of a button. Magenta internet is required, regardless of internet technology used. Some functions are only available on TV M and TV L drivers. Included, such as recording TV shows. The TV M and TV L tariffs also include the new Magenta TV Box, a hybrid decoder that enables live TV over IP via any Magenta Internet or, as before, via DVB-C.

Classic TV is integrated with a large variety of streaming services, media libraries, and many applications. You can switch between Magenta TV and other streaming services with the press of a button. For great picture and sound quality, the new Magenta TV Box supports popular formats like 4K/UHD, HDR/HDR10/HDR10+, and Dolby Vision picture quality, as well as Dolby Atmos audio technology. Closed remote control, made in Austria, enables convenient control.

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alternative to satellite channels

The new Magenta TV, with or without TV box, is offered by the provider Frankly, as an alternative to satellite channels. Instead of high satellite purchase costs and complicated satellite dish installation, the Magenta TV Box is instantly ready to run in conjunction with any Magenta internet, whether mobile or landline. Common and convenient TV functions, such as keeping track of programs you missed or jumping to the start of a program, are not easy for SAT receivers to provide.

Requirements To use the new world of Magenta TV products Internet purple and Magenta TV paid tariff. For example, the TV M tariff with more than 125 TV channels, more than 80 of them in HD, for 11 euros per month plus a TV Box for 2 euros per month.

Available from the start in the online store and in select stores

When the product is launched, the new Magenta TV is on Online Store under purple Available. At the same time the product Gradually in Magenta stores all over Austria Unbound. Registration will be possible in all shops in mid-March. The previous Entertainment Box 4K app is no longer in range with immediate effect. However, existing TV customers can continue to use their Magenta TV without restrictions.