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Magical Rayna Wright connection: USA returns to finals

Magical Rayna Wright connection: USA returns to finals

Jamaica has the USA on the brink of defeat, but then the “Reggae Boys” score an own goal. A former Dortmund player finally led the United States to the finals of the CONCACAF Nations League.

Game winners: Haji Wright and Giovanni Reina (right).
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Things couldn't have started worse for America. Greg Berhalter's team gave up their first (and only) goal 34 seconds later — the fastest goal scored by the U.S. on a kickoff in the last century. Gregory Lee headed the ball away.

The U.S. trailed almost the entire season. But a Jamaican own goal in the 6th minute of stoppage time saved the American boys in overtime. Two goals from substitute Haji Wright (96th/109th) and two from the bench by Giovani Reina saw them win their second consecutive Nations League title.

It only worked for the Americans when Jamaica started to tire. And how. Intertime made it 2-1, the result of brilliant preparation work by former Dortmund player Reina, who won the ball in midfield and played a perfect pass to Wright, who finished calmly. With his goal, Wright confirmed his recent good form FA Cup quarter-final With a late winning goal.

“If we make eye contact,” Wright admitted after the game Paramount+ Of Raina, “I knew we had a connection.”

Dispute with Berhalter “no longer an issue”

A very important connection for Team USA and coach Berhalter. Raina is conflicted with the trainer Looks like it's finally settled. “Obviously what happened,” the 21-year-old midfielder admitted after the game. “But we've both gotten through it so far, focused on the team, and it won't be an issue anymore.”

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The U.S. plays Mexico for the championship on Sunday. “El Tri” beat Panama 3-0 in the semi-finals.