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Makes the biggest cinema weekend in the United States since the onset of the epidemic

of Rhonda Bachmann
The remake of Mortal Kombat was a box office success in the United States. The film surpassed all expectations and resulted in a huge cinematic weekend from the start of the epidemic. In addition, the film, produced by Cha and Conjuring director James Vaughan, is the biggest R-Rate release since last March.

The Beat-M-Up Saga Mortal Combat still looks like something for cinema fans. In the United States, the latest adaptation of the Global Fighting Tournament grossed $ 23.3 million in its opening weekend. The film exceeded the expectations of publisher Warner Bros., which grossed about $ 15 million in its first weekend.

The animated ad, along with Demon Slayer, grossed $ 21.1 million, making Mortal Gombat the largest cinema weekend in the United States since the outbreak began. Meanwhile, the latest adaptation of Midway Arcade Classic is the biggest R-rated release since last March. In addition, Mortal Gombat is the fourth Warner Bros. movie to hit the box office # 1 this weekend.

Although Mortal Kombat was a huge success at the US box office, ratings for the film were all very mixed. The Internet Movie Database It gives the film a rating of 6.3 out of 10, based on nearly 55,000 reviews from its users. Ann Metacritic Critics rated the remake with a score of 44 out of 100. The audience was very kind: users rated Mortal Gombat with a score of 6.4. Even Rotten tomatoes Critics and viewers’ ratings vary widely: critics gave the film a 55 percent rating. However, the audience score reached 87 percent.

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