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MAN Steyr: Group "Open to discussions on factory reuse"

MAN Steyr: Group “Open to discussions on factory reuse”

On June 9, negotiations on the social plan will continue in Mann, Steyr (1900 permanent employees). Because the German truck manufacturer wants to close the plant at the end of 2022 after the workforce rejected takeover plans drawn up by industrialist Siegfried Wolf. But there is another ray of hope.

As trade union secretary Alois Stöger (Proge) confirmed to KURIER, Richard von Braunschweig’s MAN Steyr management team has been awarded two new possibilities.

“One possibility is an electric mobility startup, and the other is a management consultant,” says Stöger of KURIER. “Communication has started, the ball is now with MAN.” However, the parties involved do not want to be named yet.

“We can confirm that the staff side has given us some interested parties. But in some cases, they were already in contact with us,” said Manuel Hermeyer, a spokesperson for KURIER. “It was still the case that Wolf’s subsidiary WSA was the only party interested in introducing an industrially rationalized and established concept of site reuse.” Addendum: “Basically, we are of course still open to discussions about possible reuse of a plant with third parties.” Since the employee vote in early April, there have been no longer negotiations with Wolf.

Meanwhile, Johannes Jarolim, manpower attorney at MAN in Steyr, chairman of the Supervisory Board of parent company Volkswagen, said that “three other related companies have expressed an interest in acquiring or continuing the site.” It is assumed that conversations about this have already started. Jarolim did not mention any names in his letter to Volkswagen.

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K. Mukhel, Dr. Schreiber