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Manchester United legend Gary Neville attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: "Run again"

Manchester United legend Gary Neville attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: “Run again”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been heavily criticized by club legend Gary Neville after Manchester United’s disappointing draw against basement kid Newcastle United.

While his teammates around coach Ralph Rangnick thanked the spectators who traveled with them for their support after the 1-1 draw with the penultimate round in the table, Ronaldo had vanished right into the catacombs.

As part of his role, Neville said: “You have to be there when your teammates need you in moments like this. I don’t care how you played. You have to go to the fans after the match.” skyAn expert added, “Go for them, especially if you’re the best player in the world and one of the greatest ever. You can’t escape at the end of the game.”

Neville, who wore the Red Devils shirt from 1991 until his retirement in 2011, was particularly critical of Portuguese “body language”. “We talked about it earlier in the season when Ronaldo ran away at the end of the Everton game. He ran away again tonight. He ran away at Watford when everyone knew the coach was going to be sent off. And in Norwich,” the old chanted about his former teammate.

Ronaldo, who won three Premier League titles on his first stint with Man United alongside Neville, was also quick in the dressing room after losing 4-1 to Watford in late November, meaning Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s end is over.

Neville disturbs the “whining” of Fernandez

His compatriot Bruno Fernandez was also a target for Neville, who was angry at the midfielder’s “moan”: “These two older players. It’s devastating for the younger players when the best players look at every other player as if they wouldn’t be good enough.”

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Neville explained that it had been bothering him for “two months”. Appearance and body language are a disaster. Especially at this point, these deserving players will have to present themselves as leaders.

Neville: Ronaldo? “I love this guy”

Rangnick also criticized his players without naming them. “I didn’t like the performance at all,” he said after the match, adding, “Our biggest problem was the mistakes we made, the ball lost, careless mistakes when we were in possession, we had a lot of balls given away.”

Meanwhile, Neville remains a huge fan of Ronaldo. He said, “At the end of the day, I love this boy, he’s the best I’ve ever seen, but just don’t run away. I wouldn’t agree to that.”