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More games postponed after CoV forced a break in the NHL

After a mandatory coronavirus break over Christmas, play in the National Hockey League (NHL) is scheduled to resume on Tuesday. This was announced by the Federation and the Players Association, Sunday (local time). But at the same time, three more games, including two between the Dallas Stars and Michael Ravel of Villach, have been postponed. Future action should be evaluated taking into account additional test results.

In order to be able to resume training, clubs may sign players on loan to the taxi team. The introduction of this coaching team is intended to prevent clubs from having to compete outnumbered. Temporary amendments to the collective agreement were also identified.

All matches since December 23 have been cancelled

Recently, all games scheduled since December 23 have been canceled. In addition, due to the large number of catch-up matches, the NHL has decided not to deploy any professionals to the February 4-20 Winter Olympics in Beijing. During this time, meetings canceled due to the Covid-19 crisis must be compensated.

But the crisis was not over in the NHL for long. For example, the Colorado Avalanche has had eleven players who have tested positive in its ranks since December 16, the team announced Sunday. Now the two games against Dallas that were scheduled to take place on Wednesday and Friday have been postponed. This means that 67 NHL games cannot be played on schedule this season.

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