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Many German traditions: This is how Heidi Klum celebrates Christmas in Los Angeles

Many German traditions: This is how Heidi Klum celebrates Christmas in Los Angeles

Updated on November 22, 2021 at 6:05 pm

  • Heidi Klum already knows how she’s going to celebrate Christmas with her family in Los Angeles.
  • With the model, husband Tom Kaulitz and children, German traditions were not neglected, as she revealed in the interview.
  • Among other things, “a lot of wine” is drunk.

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Christmas is getting closer and closer. Many stars use vacations to spend time with their families – there too Heidi Klum No exception. The form is still standing For the seventeenth season “Best Model in Germany” in front of the camera. but about Christmas He paused filming for three weeks, “so everyone can visit their families and we can get ready for our new location,” the 48-year-old explains to the news agency featured on news on “GNTM” set on the Greek island of Mykonos. “We all love Christmas!”

First Christmas, then Christmas

But before the Christmas decorations are used, another festival awaits us. “When we get home at the end of November, my youngest son will be 15, so we’ll throw him a big birthday party.” Candidates travel firstGNTM– After Athens and Mykonos, it will follow for the rest of the season Angels. Klum lives there with her husband, Tom Kaulitz and their four children Lenny, Henry, Johann and Lu.

As soon as Christmas is over, the festive atmosphere begins: “Immediately after that we will decorate Christmas,” according to the plan of the 48-year-old. “We press carnations on oranges, windows are sprinkled white, stars are cut out, biscuits are baked, and a lot of wine is drunk.” Christmas pajamas and pointy hats are also part of the Klum house.

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‘Celebrate in German’

While Germans open their gifts on December 24th, the United States celebrates Christmas only on the 25th. And with the Klum Kaulitz family? “We celebrate in German – on Christmas Eve,” reveals a mother of four. “Well, we all get up early on the twenty-fourth, for the youngest cannot wait. Then we unfold the gifts and spend the whole day with them.”

Although Los Angeles is mostly warm this time of year, “the fireplace is lit and there’s plenty to eat.” With German tradition, Klum takes care of United States of America Apparently regularly for the sake of amazing faces. “Americans think oranges and carnations are crazy. Just like our chandelier with exploding Easter eggs.”

Her single “Christmas” debuted again in the US

She’s proven Heidi Klum is a Christmas fan for 16 years. In 2006 she recorded the Christmas song “Wonderland”. Now the song appears in the USA, as the model recently announced. It looks like the 48-year-old hasn’t had enough of it yet. “I think it’s as beautiful as it was 16 years ago – really Christmas,” Klum says in an interview. “I sang this song to charity at the time and of course I will donate all proceeds from the new release.” Why did you agree to republish? “If I go at some point, my grandchildren can say later, ‘This is the song my grandmother once made for Christmas.'”

New episodes of “Germany’s Next Top Model” can be watched again on ProSieben in the spring of 2022.

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