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NSAinz (DPA) – cabaret artist Joseph Hader He was awarded the German Cabaret Prize 2022. This award will be awarded to one of the cabaret’s “greats,” and the jury justified its decision, according to a statement issued on Tuesday.

By creating and “overwhelming” representation of his “cynical and unbridled arrogance” fictional character in the current “Hader on Ice” show, he has succeeded in “putting a depraved and lost character on the stage.” Austrian Hader also works as an actor, screenwriter and director.

The Chamber of Deputies in Mainz, one of the most important cabaret centers in Germany, has been awarding the prize since 1972. The prize is divided into several categories and each awarded 5,000 euros.

Katie Frodenchus was honored in the Music/Songs/Songs category. The jury concluded that the teacher-pop musician combined “brilliant note, wit, and humor with great vocal and musical variety.”

Awarded March 2022

Till Reiners took home the award in the stand-up comedy category. He “fantastically embodied the modern humor of a young urban population”, and was said to justify it. The award in the Cabaret category goes to Carmela de Feo, who in her stage character “La Signora” combines humor, rhythm and music with “the highest level of professionalism”.

The sponsorship award from Mainz goes to Tino Bomelino, who, according to the jury, is “almost a creative force.” The Rhineland-Palatinate Honorary Award goes to Thomas Freitag. This honors artist who has been writing German cabaret history for 45 years. The 50th German Cabaret Prize is scheduled to be awarded on March 6, 2022 in Mainz.

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