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Map design revised – the five main points of criticism

Map design revised – the five main points of criticism

One blog post from EA deals with comments on Battlefield 2042 maps. In it they announce extensive changes to the map design.

Electronic Arts is closely monitoring player feedback regarding the design of the Battlefield 2042 map. This is why they are canceling them now. Latest articles Many changes that should lead to a better gaming experience.

Game enthusiasts called it “Walking Simulator”

One of the big problems is that boring movement On the vast battlefields. It takes a long time to get to the enemy’s flag. So many players refer to the shooter as a “walking simulator”. EA understands this and would like to reduce future run times. How would you like to do it? Both spawn points and nearby flags must be moved.

Next will be The intensity of the battles directed. Especially in the “hack” the battles can be chaotic, which overwhelms many players. According to EA, one of the reasons for this is the 128-player component, which is why the number of players can be halved. Finally, most of the community praised the 64 player mode that was added in December. Reducing the total number of vehicles would also be a feasible option.

The line of sight Is also a problem, EA decided there was a lot of open space. This shifts too much focus to long-range combat. This is especially noticeable on Kaleidoskop. To solve the problem, in the “hack” mode of this map, the combat is shifted to areas with better coverage options.

also clearly defined paths, which leads you to your goal, is currently missing. This increases the risk of being shot from different directions. At the moment, the developers are already working on integrating easily recognizable paths.

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Last but not least, EA speaks a language bad coverage at. This problem is related to the above surfaces which are very open. In order to reduce long-distance combat, more coverage options will be introduced.

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In order to add meaningful improvements, developers need more feedback from the community. in charge Battlefield Forum You can suggest your ideas. But social networks, Reddit and Discord are also keeping an eye on the game’s administrators.

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