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March Madness – Then the NBA?  A German charms America

March Madness – Then the NBA? A German charms America

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A German is driving America crazy

In the second half of March, basketball-crazy America is on the upswing. “March Madness” is the name of the ultimate collegiate championship where heroes are born. This time a German could take off.

Tristan da Silva plays Colorado in March Madness

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NBA stars surrounding Dennis Schröder and Franz Wagner are on everyone's lips after the German basketball players' sensational World Cup coup. But far from home, the next German is making headlines, at least among Americans.

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We're talking about Tristan da Silva, who is currently playing well in college for the Colorado Buffaloes — and can now dream of a big run during March Madness. After beating Boise State earlier in the week, the 22-year-old and his team qualified for the top 64 of the legendary college tournament.

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The Munich native and his crew survived the Florida Gators opening hurdle Friday evening. In the 102:100 victory, Da Silva scored 17 points in 32 minutes of playing time.

“If he so offers, who will stop us?”

“If he kills, who's going to stop us,” teammate Eddie Lambkin Jr. said of Da Silva after scoring a strong 20 points in a 60:53 win over Boise State. Da Silva has always been “a machine”.

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Also a local newspaper The Denver Post He admires the already 2.06-meter-tall forward and sees a parallel in his development with a big NBA star: “He plays like a young Kevin Durant.”

Da Silva brings the complete package

Da Silva shows the right qualities of a versatile “two-way” player who can control the game on both ends of the court, not just on the offensive end of the court. “He's very difficult to defend against, and on the other hand it's very difficult to score against him,” Buffs teammate Cody Williams said.

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The tournament winner himself was modest afterward: “Eddie (Lampkin Jr., teammate, Note d. Red.) told me before the game that it might be our last. That's why I tried everything to make sure I could do it today.

Da Silva is considered a safe pick in the NBA draft

100 Kilogram Da Silva's recipe for success? “I try to beat opponents with my speed and basketball IQ, get into the right positions and use my length.”

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It certainly seems to be working well this season, his fourth and last in college. Little brother is very good Barca star Oscar da Silva is currently being traded by experts as a late first-round pick or early second-round pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

Unlike his brother Oscar, who was cut from the DBB squad during the last squad cuts before Germany's World Cup triumph, Tristan's NBA dream could come true.

The Munich player didn't just commit to a decisive game to secure a spot in the main round of the March Madness tournament; His stats during the regular season speak for themselves.

With a strong three-point shooting percentage of 37.7 percent, 5.2 rebounds, 2.4 assists and an average of 1.1 steals, he put himself on the radar of NBA scouts with 15.8 points.