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The Midterms in America: When Democracy Goes to the Elections

Republican candidates declare doubts about future election results: Echoes of the 2020 election could be felt in 2022 — and last through 2024. Trump announces a “very big announcement” next week.

Weekend Pennsylvania: One State, Three Presidents, Two Versions of America. A final push ahead of Tuesday’s Congress polls Joe Biden and two of his predecessors to the industrial northeastern US state. Barack Obama stood by Biden’s side on a college campus in Philadelphia; Donald Trump He flew straight to a campaign appearance at Latrobe Regional Airport. He walked straight from the gangway to the stage, a red hat on his head that read: “Make America Great Again.”

Presidential rally in Pennsylvania shows how important midterm results are. The race between Democrat John Fetterman, the current state lieutenant governor, and Republican Mehmet Oz, a TV doctor, is close. Fetterman’s once-huge lead over Oz has melted away, and so may Democratic hope that a blue Senate will continue in Washington, DC.

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