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Marcus Lance: Then Gabrielle guesses about the next plot in America

EThere was a moment in the beginning when ZDF talk really had the potential to be amazing. Sigmar Gabriel, SPD politician and former Secretary of State and Honorary President of the Atlantic Bridge, said Tuesday evening that his visit to the state of West Virginia last year “denied discrimination.” With Marcus Lance.

Gabriel wanted to know how Democratic voters turn out to be Trump voters. He “met completely ordinary people, well educated”. Gabriel said what they had in common was “hatred of the aristocracy.” Both Barack Obama and Trump deserve these people. “They’re not crazy or violent criminals wearing bison fur. They’re normal human beings.”

Historian and freelance journalist Annika Brockschmidt (“Zeit Online”, “Tagesspiegel” and ZDF) said on Jan. 6 that only those in Washington were on the streets, shortly before the first anniversary of Hurricane Capital. You can see the television pictures: “There were people who could pay for a day trip to Washington, a hotel, there were doctors.”

Ordinary people, rich, not crazy

The third guest on the round, ZDF’s USA correspondent Johannes Hono, spoke about the conscious identity formation by interested parties, saying that the conscious use of racial and religious identity descriptions is not only on the right but also on the left.

Ordinary people, rich, not crazy. At the same time, the group acknowledged that supporters of Donald Trump – or rather the Republicans – threaten democracy.

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Sometimes one had the idea that 2024 would be a choice between dictatorship and democracy, an audience commented on the second screen of social media during the broadcast.

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Attack on investor Thiel and Silicon Valley

The talk is not about the parties’ plans, but rather the question of whether it is primarily material, religious or symbolic that determines the cross on the ballot in the United States. With Trump voters, of course, who affects them.

Once Trump’s main source of voter hate “consensus” was reached, a group of three journalists, including a Social Democrat and Lance, agreed on an elite that could be attacked without conflict: the money and technology elite in Silicon. The valley that is now gaining political influence.

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Kurz was politically at a standstill, and WELT writer Christophe B. said he must openly admit serious mistakes.  Shields writes

Comment Transfer to private sector

And of course every good enemy is personified like the image: Peter Thiel, the PayPal and Facebook investor from the beginning, is now the man who stands up for the reprehensible thing about Silicon Valley. Guests mentioned his name several times and talked about the detrimental influence of Frankfurt natives on American democracy.

“I’m afraid of how big business is influential.”

ZDF correspondent Hano began: “There are a few big rich Americans who have their own idea of ​​what America should be like, the best way is to dismantle the state, that is, to destroy the executive state.” This group does not like the police. , Not the FBI, do not pay taxes, but determine.

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Former President of Austria Kurs

“They’re like Peter Thiel,” Hano says. Fund election campaigns for Trump-dependent senators. “How big business is influential” is scary.

Sigmar Gabriel had to briefly break: “No one-dimensional explanations”. A few sentences later the SPD man was also in Silicon Valley. “Next, technology companies want to avoid political regulation.”

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The charges were not challenged by Lance

The Apple Watch glowing Social Democrat in hand, an island in the sea of ​​Deal & Co., spoke of the desire to develop technology uncontrollably, and the ideology of neoliberalism was “taken to the next level”: “Government, stay away from it, stay away from politics – if it does not work, the nation We will destroy. If one way does not work, we will go the other way. That’s what they’re doing there. “

“The other way around is not called democracy”: Brockschmidt acknowledges attack on technology investors and Trump advisers

Peter Thiel and Silicon wanted to destroy an elite nation in the valley and abolish democracy. The allegations are not contradictory.

Speculations of a former foreign minister

That evening the host Lance Rowdy was not in the mood, so the guests were very clear. The problem is that Trump supporters have learned of the failure of the attack on Capitol since January 6, 2021, Gabriel said. They “will now create a situation in Congress and the Senate where the confirmation of a democratic president does not take place.”

Electoral men and women who determine success in the US electoral system will be determined by regional parliaments. “In any case, if you send people there who declare that a Democrat has a majority, the election is a sham, and the next time a Democrat wins the re-election, but you get the situation where voters and women vote differently. . “

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I would like to take the political tradition of Joe Biden (center): Amy Globuscher, Mitch Laundry, Elizabeth Warren, Phil Murphy (left to right)

He believes that is what Trump supporters intended in the 2022 congressional elections. It’s about the “long-term effect of 2024”, the body of decision makers.

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In the debate over deliberately cutting back on constituencies and changing voter registration rules, Gabriel also explained how his “Atlantic Bridge” is trying to interfere in the United States. He works with Latin and “color people” mobilization organizations to enter the voter list.

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Elizabeth Holmes dismissed the charges in court

What is left of this project? A former foreign minister did not speak diplomatically cautiously about the actors of the Atlantic overseas allies. Unusually – but unanimously expected on this topic – along with the journalists in the group that appeared, he speculated about a conspiracy in the United States, which will be produced this year. In addition, warnings against the most powerful technological elite and Germany’s suggestions for better democracy.