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Russia and the United States continue to negotiate disarmament

Representatives of the two countries met in Geneva on Thursday, the Russian side announced on Twitter. So Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov and his US colleague Wendy Sherman will hold talks. Details of the meeting were not initially made public. The nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, began talks on new disarmament in Switzerland at the end of July, before Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden agreed at a summit in Geneva in mid-June. The one-day meeting is about future arms control and risk reduction.

An important signal for global security

These talks are seen as an important signal for global security. The only major remaining arms control agreement between the United States and Russia is the New Start Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It controls the two countries’ nuclear arsenals into 800 distribution systems and 1,550 ready-to-use nuclear weapons each. The United States has already signed a number of agreements accusing Russia of not complying with the rules.

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