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Marcus Nader is out of the title fight

Marcus Nader is out of the title fight

Marcus Nader was knocked out in the fifth round by German Martin Arsmangan in his title fight at Vienna’s Intercontinental Hotel, and the 32-year-old middleweight lost his title as FIFA International Champion.

Arsumanjan also retained his belt as EU-EBU Champion.

heavy blows

Nader started off well, scoring particularly partial victories in the first two rounds, but was increasingly handicapped by his swollen left eye. Finally in the fifth round he was knocked out after several hard hits by Arsumanjan and got dizzy for a long time after that. After a few minutes, Nader managed to get back on his feet, congratulated his victor and gave everything: “I’m fine.”

The boxer, born in Ibiza, admitted that he lost consciousness for a while. “If you get out, you are definitely unconscious, otherwise you would still be standing.” “I don’t even know where that punch came from, but it must have been very difficult,” Nader commented on the knockout blow. “I think the other rounds were mine. But this is boxing,” he added.

Before he auctioned off his boxing gloves to protect the baby, the defeat in front of a crowd was “too bitter” for him, Nader said. In the interview, Nader left open whether he would continue his career. “It was a heavy defeat. We’ll see how I get out of it.”

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