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Bundesliga: SV Red Derby wins Upper Austria against LASK

Bundesliga: SV Red Derby wins Upper Austria against LASK

SV Red at the top of the qualifying group!

The people of Invertel celebrate their 2-0 victory in the Upper Austria derby against LASK in the 25th round of the Bundesliga.

LASK finds its first big chance just a few seconds later through Sascha Horvath, but soon thereafter, the athletes make life difficult for themselves after Yannis Letard grabbed his goalkeeper Alexander Schlager with the wrong foot and unfortunately headed into his own net (4.).

As a result, there are chances almost every minute before Littard’s Nene Dorgils drops sixteen to the opponent. While LASK’s misfortune was sent off with a red card, Reed received a penalty (12).

Julian Weissmayer takes the next penalty but fails due to LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager. Shortly thereafter, the referee gives a signal that the penalty must be returned for having too many players in the penalty area. Wießmeier competes again, but Schlager remains the winner once again.

Reed did the same soon after: Marcel Seigl turned upside down after a Stefan Knots free kick to make it 2-0 (19). After LASK fans later threw plastic cups at the jubilant Rieder, referee Christian-Petru Ciochirca ordered the two teams into the cabins. However, it lasts about five minutes later.

After that, the air got a little out of the game. LASK remains dangerous even when it is outnumbered. However, Alexander Schmidt missed his best chance in the second round after Shaheen Radlinger’s error. Shortly before the end, Zigel must be carried away injured. In the end, the score remained 2-0 for Reed.

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Reed leads the qualifying group (17 points), followed by LASK in second place (16 points).

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Reed’s slapstick goal opens the door

While Ryder scored for the first time in the second leg of the season and celebrated only his second victory in 2022, LASK left the field as the first loser in the qualifying group at the Raiffeisen Arena, which sold out with 6,100 spectators. .

At LASK, center back Omar Sakho played 11 alongside Littard, in the midfield, coach Andreas Welland preferred Branko Jovicic over Peter Michurl for his coaching performance – there were a total of six changes.

Especially those who were on the defensive didn’t at least have any stabilizing effect. LASK got its first chance on the frantic initial stage when Sacha Horvath (second) was saved by Samuel Shaheen Radlinger.

But it “burned” especially in the penalty area of ​​Linz, unlucky Littard finally headed in after a cross by Dorgils Nene from 16 meters from goalkeeper Alexander Schlager, who was actually running in the direction of the ball, through the inside bar to give the visitors a chance. 1-0 lead.

Criminal madness and scandal fans

and “swam” the LASK defense. Schlager initially saved with a foot defense against Nene (eighth). But then the “chain” was broken with a wide pass to the top, and Littard could only help himself against Nene with a shot in the penalty area and saw red.

Schlager saved the penalty against Julian Weissmayer, but the German was allowed to try again about a minute later: the VAR recognized the LASK player who had run too soon. But Schlager was there again and seemed to be keeping the game open.

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The home side’s hopes in this regard were bitterly disappointed shortly afterwards when Zeigl made it 2-0 with a superb header after a free kick.

Some disappointed LASK supporters responded by throwing cups, and two overcame the hurdle and kicked an ad show in the direction of the Rieder Jubeltraube. Referee Cristian Pietro Siochirka sent the players into the dressing room for five minutes, and the interruption had a slightly calming effect on the field after the insane initial stage.

Zigel injury spoils the mood

LASK made attempts to regain the target, but it rarely embarrassed Red. Wieland reacted in the first half by substituting three players, to face Mishurl, striker Alexander Schmidt and defender Petar Filipovic.

Michelle in particular has repeatedly tried to turn the game around, his long-range shot off goal being the most dangerous at the start (56). A little later, René Renner served in the penalty area, Reed managed to clear him in the last second (57).

It was Lenz’s hottest stage, and Saheen-Radlinger had to pull off a risky neglect against Schmidt himself (57 min). Reed brought the score with one more man but with complete confidence as time went on, LASK couldn’t get past a few other half-chances.

In the end, Ziegel injured himself after an unfortunate contact with his colleague Felix Seewald and had to walk off the field (83). In the extra time, Marvin Botzman chased the ball over the goal from a short distance (94).