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Maria Lanzendorf – Joyce Prokopitz encouraged the personal cinema of the mind

Maria Lanzendorf – Joyce Prokopitz encouraged the personal cinema of the mind

Musician, author, cabaret artist, lyricist, satirist – Joyce Prokopitz is many things. Above all, and this benefits him in all his artistic activities, he is a gifted observer of everyday situations. In the role of a satirist, on Tuesday 28 November at the Maria Lanzendorf, he manages to present stories from life with sarcasm, humor and sometimes sarcasm so finely packaged that appropriate images inevitably emerge in the audience’s very personal minds. Mental cinema was created.

“Pest of” was the name of the show and the 71-year-old was in good shape. Audience reactions showed that this was a measurable, if subjectively ambiguous, factor. It is wonderful how he explains his definition (“center of rejection and disappointment”) of the particularly Viennese short word “na” using the example of Lady Hermé, the hairdresser’s partner. Bad advice for everyone over 55: They better stop playing hide and seek because they won’t be wanted anymore anyway.

The story of the anxious wait for medical results, aided by taking the active ingredient diacepan, had something of a British humour. Because if the doctor tells the patient – based on the medical results – that buying long-life milk is a waste of money, this is funny and stinging at the same time. Speaking of Brits: The events surrounding a wealthy woman’s flatulence while bending over in a hotel elevator (“Flatulence saw the light at the end of the tunnel”) are built on a mixture of subtle humor and a fair number of crude innuendos. As Prokopitz arrives at the dry final sentence with a farewell dialogue that requires only a few words between the couples from England and Austria riding the elevator: Delicious.

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Joesi Prokopetz’s “Pest of” is not a program with a political statement or socially critical denouement. For the most part it is a reflection of life through the witty, acrobatic word. The Viennese native stays away from cheap jokes or bad jokes. This is a good thing.

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