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Walking on Sunlight: Episode 21

Walking on Sunlight: Episode 21

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Walking in the sunshine

Episode 21

The ups and downs surrounding the Meteorological Department have become increasingly severe. Where does Telia (Proshat Madani) really want to go? As Director General of ORF, she has already achieved her big career goal, and now it seems she is also finding her personal happiness with Home Secretary Barnabas Camp (Simon Hazel). On the other hand, Karl (Harald Windisch) is allowed to work as a househusband, while his wife Margot Wu (Daniela Kung) makes life difficult for Telia as a counselor. On the other hand, Connie (Selina Graf) feels perfectly comfortable as weather director, but what is she supposed to do when Jana (Tanja Raunig) returns from maternity leave? To finally get back on the front page again, weather star Otto (Robert Palfrider) goes to such great lengths that Telia, Connie, and Astrid (Heidilind Pfaffenbichler) have to work together to stop him. And when will Lucas (Aaron Karl) finally return from faraway Nogestan?
Main actors and actresses:
Medani Brooches (Tilia)
Robert Balfrider (Otto)
Aaron Carle (Luke)
Selena Graf (Connie)
Harald Windisch (Karl) and much more.
Image source: ORF/Hubert Mikan

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