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Marilyn Monroe’s picture of Warhol under the hammer

Auction house Christie’s has announced an auction of one of the famous paintings of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe by pop artist Andy Warhol. The auction house said today that the work is valued at $200 million, which could make it the most expensive 20th century artwork ever offered at auction. The 1964 Shot Sage Blue Marilyn’s imprint screen is set to go under the hammer in May.

Christie’s said it was “one of the rarest and most extraordinary images in existence”. “Marilyn Andy Warhol is the ultimate pinnacle of American pop music and the promise of the American Dream that combines optimism, fragility, fame and iconography,” said Alex Rutter, Christie’s director of 20th and 21st Century Arts.

Screen print “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” actress features a pink face, ruby ​​red lips, yellow hair and blue eyeshadow on a blue background. Christie’s sells the work on behalf of the Zurich-based Thomas and Doris Amann Foundation. In 1998, Sotheby’s auctioned Marilyn’s orange for $17 million.

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