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Caravelos – New Album “Inter Mundus” 17.06.22

Caravelos – New Album “Inter Mundus” 17.06.22

Rockshots Records is proud to announce the signing of Brazilian CARAVELLUS to release their third studio album “Inter Mundos” on June 17, 2022.

Bringing the technical sophistication of the progressive energy metal, CARAVELLUS transcends the genre by writing great songs with masterful music and Brazilian cultural roots. Their arrangements and song structures are a high-tech, sophisticated robotic work with great vocal harmony. With elements of thunder metal, rock, jazz, classical, Brazilian folk rhythms, and solos as well as unstoppable guitar rips and intense keyboards, Caravelos evolves into a new bastion of Brazilian progression metal.

Karavelos was originally created in 2002 by talented guitarist Feather Oliveira as a studio project with session musicians. After the first demo recordings (2002 – 2004) the lineup was completed with Daniel Felix on keyboards, Charles Erlan on drums, Paula Araujo on vocals and Pedro Lee on bass.

In 2007, CARAVELLUS released their debut album “Lighthouse And Shed” through Erpland Records. After the release, the band split with Pedro Lee, Charles Erlan, and Paula Araujo. Rafael Dantas (vocals), Cleason Johan (bass) and Pedro Nunes (drums) started a new cycle in late December 2007 with new members and new ideas. CARAVELLUS’ second album “Knowledge Machine” was released in 2010 by the French company Metalodic Records. The second album CARAVELLUS featured a series of important tours and concerts supporting the bands Angra and Shaman.

In 2018, Karavelos began writing and producing “Inter Mundus”. Deepening their Brazilian roots (such as MARACATU, CIRANDA, FREVO, CABOCLINHO, COCO DE RODA) in combination with heavy metal, progressive rock and jazz, the band’s current line-up consists of Glober Oliveira (guitar), Daniel Felix (keyboards), Leandro Caçoilo (vocals) and Emerson Dácio (bass) and Rafael Ferreira (drums), created a conceptual, technical and intense album.

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Band founder Glober Oliveira adds:
“The new album Caravelles is the result of the musical maturity and refinement of the artistic mission created by this band. Culturally…if Brazil was a river, then the northeastern region of Brazil would be the source of that river.”


Caravilos is:
Oliveira Glauber – Guitars
Leandro Caquelo – vocals
Daniel Felix – Keyboards
Rafael Ferreira – drums