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Marketing preview: Announcing the new Radeon Pro cards

AMD Radeon ProIt looks like AMD is preparing new models of Radeon Pro cards. On his social media channels and in a short video, there is talk of “something big coming”. In addition, AMD announced the date of June 8.

What this is about is not a secret in many ways. The design and color of the card, which can be seen in the video, speak clearly in favor of the Radeon Pro. In addition, six DisplayPort connections can be seen, which also indicates a workstation solution. Finally, AMD has set the video’s redirect URL, including its parameters “radeon-pro-w6800-w6600” contains, so that at least two new cards can be assumed.

If you look at the current range of products, the models with the Big Navi GPU based on the RDNA-2 architecture are still missing. The Radeon Pro WX 8000 and 9000 cards use Vega GPUs, and the Radeon Pro WX 5000 and 7000 cards use a mixture of Polaris and Navi (RDNA) GPUs. So the current GPUs are still missing. Since the redirect URL mentioned the Radeon Pro W6600, we should also see a desktop or workstation version of the smaller RDNA-2 out of Navi23, AMD last week When Radeon announced the RX 6600M.

It looks like more details will be available on June 8th.