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Markus Pink (Austria Klagenfurt) on Sky Podcast “DAB

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Guest on Sky Sports Austria podcast DAB | The audio guide was Markus Pink, striker SK Austria Klagenfurt and Television expert Alfred Tatar.

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Markus Pink (SK Austria Klagenfurt):

… on the last home game against Rapid: “It feels like a win because of the sixth red card we received in the current tournament. You can really compliment the squad.”

… on Thorsten Maher’s red foul against Rapids player Dejan Petrovic: “Anyone who knows Thorsten knows he’s a fair centre-back. He’s only been fired once or twice in his career. It was unfortunate, it came too late, but it was He is justified.”

…when asked about the lack of fan support in Klagenfurt: “Quick at home, great weather to watch – I expected a few thousand more. It’s a shame because I think every spectator who came to the stadium got their money. Just a shame, but we have no control over it.” We can do no more than take back what we do. However, when you walk in Klagenfurt you have the feeling that something is being created.”

… in the next Carinthian derby: “We already have players in our ranks who are dying for it.”

… About coach Peter Bacolt: “A coach keeps his word, he has his streak. There is no left and no right. Either you go with us or you don’t go. That’s what he made of us. Now we’re going in one direction.”

…to Coach Pault: “He figured out how to attack me. He already has a good understanding of people.”

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… on his time in Vienna under coach Alfred Tatar: “It was something special. I wouldn’t be that person if I didn’t take all these experiences with me.”

… about his time at Mattersburg and his promotion to the Bundesliga: “A lot of things went together at that time. We went up in the second year. This celebration is stuck in my memory.”

…on his relationship to Mattersburg and the downfall of SVM: “Really bad. It’s really about a lot of being.”

… He was asked about a potential engagement abroad: “I still have a year and a half contract in Carinthia. If there is one thing I have learned in my career, it is that a lot of things come somehow. I am open to a lot of things, but I am one hundred percent in Austria Klagenfurt. It’s really nice to come to Klagenfurt after so long, then go up the first year and contribute to it.”

… on his team’s goals for the season: “We just want to play like we’ve succeeded so far. You could say we’ve made it to the league. We take more. There’s no escaping slackening because we know we live from it.”

Alfred Tatar (television expert):

… About red cards in Osteria Klagenfurt: “A lot of red cards came from the situation rather than from an overly aggressive base case in Klagenfurt. It’s not like they put a knife between their teeth in every game. But a lot of red cards were justified.”

… About the Carinthia fans: “The Carinthia fans, especially those in Klagenfurt, have often already walked through a valley of tears when you watch professional football. You have to restore that confidence step by step.”

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… on Klagenfurt’s injury fears: “Coach Bacolt will not complain, but will say that others will have to serve. I think that is the right signal, because you trust the players who have been substituted so far.”

… About Peter Bacolt: “I played with him in the sports club. He was not a coach, but he solved it through a football class. But then Ernst Happel became his coach. That was a sticking point in his career. Under the leadership of Ernst Happel, he felt for the first Once upon a time with what professional football really means, which is hard work. I think Peter took that lesson from the great Ernst Abel. And so is his coaching.”

… about SV Mattersburg: “It’s a shame what happened to SV Mattersburg. It was a club that ensured great hours in Burgenland, with promotions, a packed stadium and even the European Cup.”

… About the future of Marcus Pink: “I think he is in good hands in Klagenfurt. There he has the highest level of acceptance from the coach and scores the necessary goals. He is wrapped in cotton wool there.”

… about the upcoming Carinthian derby between Wydad and Austria Klagenfurt: “It will be up to players like Marcus Pink to break the WAC ban from the last three matches. If he manages to score a goal or two there, you will score there. I don’t think Wydad will be good at scoring three. Goals. I say that Wydad’s match against Austria Klagenfurt ends 2-2 in front of a full house.”

DAB | audio guide It is a football and sports podcast from Sky Sport Austria. Here, commentator Otto Rosnauer discusses with moderator Martin Konrad, Sky experts and guests about the ADMIRAL Bundesliga, the ÖFB team, Austrian Legion, and international football such as the Bundesliga, Premier League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League.

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