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Tracking the World Championships in Roubaix with a triple from Austria

Two and a half weeks after the classic showdown on the outdoor track in Roubaix, near there, at the French cycling capital’s indoor cycling racetrack, championship medals will be contested. Verena Eberhardt, Andreas Graf and Maximilian Schmidbauer will compete against Austria in the 111th UCI World Championships from Wednesday to Sunday.

Because of the calendar reform, there has been a 20-month break for the World Cup since the last matches of the tournament in Berlin. Accordingly, Eberhardt’s anticipation is fantastic, starting from scratch, all-out sprint and points.

“I am really looking forward to the races,” said the Burgenland woman, referring to the strong squad. “It will definitely be exciting because usually one or another superstar doesn’t attend the World Cup after the Olympics. “But that’s not the case with the new date, and it looks like the major countries will also be bringing in their top drivers,” said the 26-year-old, who was last absent from the European Championship.

World Cup debutantes Graf and Schmidbauer will compete in three venues, at the end of Sunday together in Madison. The 36-year-old Graf won his last world championship medal for Austria so far with a silver in the points race in 2016.

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