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Markus Schaub believes Sturm can win two titles this year

Markus Schaub believes Sturm can win two titles this year

The draw against Klagenfurt was dealt with and the anger was gone. “Our demands have simply increased, and our demands have changed,” says Hartberg coach Markus Schaub. Upsetting the top teams in the league is no longer enough; Rather, challenging it – or defeating it – is the new demand. Today (2.30pm, Sky Live) This should be a success against the storm. Since Hartburgers' promotion to the Bundesliga, Graz have only won twice at the Profertel Stadium. “For us, duels with Sturm are always special matches with a relaxed atmosphere. It does not matter that in the stadium, which is completely sold out and has a capacity of 5,024 spectators, it will be Sturm's fans in particular who will create the atmosphere today.” . “This is our stadium,” says Schaub. “We have the ambition to win.” “In most cases, it's just that we're giving the big teams a fight.”

And that's what the Hartbergers plan to do today, too. Schaub knows exactly what his team expects, and he made that clear to them during a “good week of training.” “We expect an incredibly hungry opponent. This time it should be three points for Sturm. We are ready for that,” says Schaub. And at the end of the regular season, a 1-1 draw in the Styrian duel meant Hartberg’s participation in the championship group. “We are ready for that,” says Schaub, dedicating Roses for the club where he lived glorious times in the Champions League as a player under coach Ivica Osim: “Sturm is having an amazing season, wants to win two titles – and Gratz is better than Salzburg this year.”

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Storm are better this year, but Salzburg have different players

“In all the principles that have characterized Salzburg recently, Sturm is better this year,” says Schaub. The fact that the Bulls are still top of the table is simply that Salzburg have greater individual quality in one position or another. Keyword: difference player. Keyword: Fernando – who will miss Salzburg until the end of the season. “Sturm knows exactly what it means to her. They shouldn't lose again this year,” says Schaub. And get six points ahead of Hartberg and Klagenfurt in the championship group – but Hartberg's coach doesn't say so. But for Sturm's manager, Tommy Horvat, it's clear: “Salzburg will win a lot by the end of the season, so we must do it too if we want to become champions.”

The 1:3 defeat to Mozartstadt, who have recently won ten championship titles in a row, in LASK on Friday has the Grazians dreaming of their first championship title since 2011. At least the black and white can draw level with Salzburg on points if they win today. Thus, Christian Elzer's team has the matter in their hands. If the Styrian team wins the remaining seven matches in the championship group and beats Salzburg away from home by at least two goals, David Affengruber and co will not be denied the championship title.