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Vienna wins the amateur derby against FAC

Vienna wins the amateur derby against FAC

Vienna wins the amateur derby against FAC

Vienna Amateurs went to the FAC in the 21st round of the Vienna State League II. After winning in the last round against their rival Ostban XI, Al-Shabab went on to face the Congolese army amateurs and won 5-0. The difference between him and Ostban XI is still seven points.

The promotion race took the Vienna Amateurs to the FAC Center last Saturday. The Vienna boys started the match in dominant fashion once again. The opponent once again had a very high attack and ran into problems. Already in the second minute, Vienna's counter-pressure won the ball, which later led to a penalty kick for Dopplinger. Baric advanced and tried to put the ball on the right flank. Unfortunately, young people still fail to take the initiative.

Despite the lack of a goal, the blue and yellow team remained very focused and had good chances to score against a very defensive opponent. The FAC was waiting for possible counterattacks which the Floridsdorfers received several times. But the visitors' defense was always able to clear things up

Leading with desire

The league leaders then took the lead in the 45th minute through desire. Schuster passed the ball in the middle of the field to Hoskovic, who received the ball in a wonderful way. Several passes followed before the ball reached Funche, who led 1-0.

Double pack from Mahmudovic

Mahmudovic then went one better with a brace. First, Zahirovic won a running duel and passed the ball to Mahmudovic, who brought the score to 3-0. Shortly before Funch was replaced, the midfielder worked magic again with his teammates. In the end, the ball reached Mahmudovic, who pushed it into the net to score 4-0.

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Velimirović scored the final point of the match in stoppage time. The midfielder scored a free kick from 20 meters to make the final score 5-0 for Vienna.

Amateur coach Gokce Tuna:”We controlled the match and controlled it for 90 minutes. The boys really had a great attitude again and so did the result. Once again we were able to score three important points.”

FAC Amateurs vs. First Vienna FC 1894 Amateurs

Vienna State League II, Round 21
Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm
FAC Arena, 95 spectators

Gates: 0:1 Func (45th), 0:2 Hosković (54th), 0:3 Mahmudovic (71st), 0:4 Mahmudovic (75th), 0:5 Velimirović (90+2)

Vienna: Iker, Schuster, Keatingi (Mahmutovic 62), Titkov, Edelhofer (Jankai 76), Funch (Hövellich 76), Zahirovic, Baric (Velimirovic 56), Nnamdi, Hoskovic, Lorenson (Valchev 62).