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Mars rover discovers a frog-like rock

Mars rover discovers a frog-like rock

It’s exactly a year ago perseverance rover Landed on Mars. Since then, he has been happily doing his rounds, excavating and collecting rock samples. It also depicts everything that comes in front of its lens, and there are quite a few glimpse included.

When the rover collided with Mars Jezero Crater chugged, cameras have strange rock formation photographed. With a little imagination, the illustrated rock reminds you petrified frog.

This is of course Not a real frog who lived on the red planet. The brittle stone looks like a frog from the angle it was photographed. In late October 2021, NASA classified this image as “picture of the week” a certain.

Curiosity rover spotted a lizard-like rock

Last summer is the elderly Curiosity roaming A similar shot succeeded. At that time, he photographed a strange rock formation that looked like a lizard in desert landscape look.

The US space agency NASA described the rock formation at that time as “Whimsical and funCracks and cavities are likely to be in small rocks Created by corrosion He is.

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