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Mass Effect - Legendary Edition (Rollenspiel) von Electronic Arts

Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Bonus content with Soundtrack & Co. To download (free)

In the lead up to publication Mass Effect – The Legendary Edition (from 53,99€ in Pre-order) (May 14, 2021) Electronic Arts and BioWare released some free bonus content that was previously available only in Deluxe editions of Mass Effect 2 and 3. The download contains 88 tracks from the entire trilogy including “Resynthesis”, two digital art books, and two books. Two digital comics and digital lithography for Normandy. This additional content can be used until May 31, 2021 Downloaded from this site has become. Alternatively, the audio track is also available as a YouTube video.

Electronic Arts: “BioWare has created a web interface where players can create their own basic art from the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Shepard players, new and old alike, can choose their teammates, morals, and settings to create their own character Key Art and share it with friends or on social media. Alternatively, the random number generator can compose one of billions of possible outcomes. These images can be downloaded in multiple formats including 4K, and are also available in the protective shell format that the physical versions of the game use to customize the web interface It can be found here. “

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