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Shadow Warrior 3: An action game is also coming to consoles

Shadow Warrior 3: An action game is also coming to consoles

It was already known that the Shadow Warrior brutal series would continue with Part 3. Now, in addition to the confirmed PC version, the console version has also been announced.

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital will be the new action game Shadow Warrior 3 Not just for PC publishing. So far, only such a release has been officially announced, but given the fact that the latter part was also available for consoles, today’s news probably isn’t much of a surprise.

Across IGN A new trailer for the game has been released confirming that Shadow Warrior 3 will now also arrive on PS4 and Xbox One. However, there is still no release date for all three versions of the game that have been announced now; Only deployment in 2021 should be considered confirmed.

Like its predecessors, Shadow Warrior 3 will not only feature a lot of black humor, but above all its brutal action; This is also evident from the new trailer for the game, which shows the doosmday mission and can be seen below. So the new part won’t be too sensitive either. In this regard, one remains faithful to the track of the last part published in 2016, so to speak.

In the title, protagonist Lo Wang returns on a new adventure. Orochi Zilla has changed sides in the meantime, and they both battle an ancient dragon in a crazy battle involving comic breaks and B-movie action.