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Massive strike: Germany stands still on Monday

Massive strike: Germany stands still on Monday

The massive strike taking place in Germany on Monday in the entire transport sector will have a huge impact on Austria. Not only will train and air travel be affected, but freight will also be affected in the short term – and thus the delivery of everyday goods.

The reason for the big strike is that rounds of collective bargaining (collective bargaining) for federal and local employees have not been successful after several rounds. The union is calling for a wage increase of 10.5 percent or at least 500 euros per month for its 2.5 million employees. Meanwhile, the Railways and Transport Union (EVG) rejected Deutsche Bahn’s offer of a five percent wage increase. EVG demands more than twelve percent or no less than 650 euros per month.

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There is no regular passenger and freight traffic at Munich Airport on Sundays and Mondays; Also in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hanover, Nuremberg, Cologne-Bonn, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. About 1,200 flights could be made at Frankfurt Airport alone on Monday, and about 800 at Munich.

Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines was also affected. According to the AUA spokeswoman, at least 65 flights to and from Germany have been cancelled. This does not include Lufthansa, Swiss and Eurowings flights.

Austrian railways seem to be affected more than air traffic. Therefore, domestic long-distance trains on Mondays cannot travel across the border to and from Germany all day. Traffic within Austria between Salzburg and Tyrol via Deutsches Eck is also affected by the restrictions.