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Failures – The German traffic strike is also affecting Austria

Failures – The German traffic strike is also affecting Austria

The warning strike of trade unions in the entire transport sector in Germany on Monday will have a significant impact on train and air traffic in Austria. All train lines across Deutsches Eck are affected. A shuttle service will be set up every 2 hours. Trips can take up to three hours longer. Trains to and from Germany will be shortened or cancelled. Many flights with the neighboring country will also be cancelled.

All RJ and RJX connections that are scheduled to run through the Deutsches Eck end and start at Salzburg Hbf or Kufstein. There is a shuttle service between Wörgl and Salzburg. ÖBB recommends that flights to, from and through Germany be delayed. Current information is available at

Tickets booked for a flight from/to/through Germany during the strike can be canceled and refunded free of charge if the flight is not made. Train connection for Sparschen tickets valid during the strike period until 23.3. Purchased tickets are considered cancelled: ÖBB Sparschiene National Telecom tickets on 27.3. Via Deutsches Eck can be used until March 29, 2023. ÖBB Sparschiene international tickets and standard tickets to/from Germany with travel date 27.3. and 28.3. Valid from now until April 4, 2023 inclusive.

Already affected single night train journeys from the night of March 25th to March 26th. Some restrictions on overnight train services will continue until the night of 28 March to 29 March. For all night trains affected by cancellations or partial cancellations due to the strike, tickets can also be canceled and refunded free of charge.

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Air traffic also fails

There will also be a failure to fly. Of course, the largest airport, Vienna Schwechat, is naturally the hardest hit. But flights in Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Klagenfurt can also be cancelled.

At Vienna airport, for example, as of Friday early afternoon, 45 flights to and from Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart alone were affected, an Etihad Airways spokeswoman said when asked by Appa. The AUA comprehensively informs its passengers. A Vienna Airport spokesperson also asked all travelers to obtain information about their flights from airlines or tour operators. Not only does the AUA connect Vienna or federal state airports with German airports.