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Matinee – “Alina”: Scheibbser author Ilse Nekut presents her latest book

Matinee – “Alina”: Scheibbser author Ilse Nekut presents her latest book

This is the subject of Ilse Nekut’s latest book “Alina, the Other Woman”. Scheibbs author Ilse Nekut has published her latest book with novum-Verlag and will present it on Sunday 21st May at 11am at Scheibbser’s intern “SciBBes – das Stadtcafé”. Musicians Uli Kupelwieser, Maria Huber and Christa Woller will accompany you during a morning session that is sure to be fun.

Skip to content: There is Clara. She is a bookseller and takes pride in her own small-town bookstore. Clara lives alone in a round tower that belongs to an old castle. ivory tower One day you will make new friends.

And there is Alina. Her life is very different from Clara’s. She works as a nurse in the same town and lives with her boyfriend, Ralph, and their daughter, Dina. Her work is challenging, but she enjoys it. Alina’s happy nature changes when Dina falls into the wrong circles.

One day Clara enters her library and is looking forward to work – and suddenly something else is happening…


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