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Mattersburg – Cupdetas Debut

Mattersburg – Cupdetas Debut

The two are Michael Bauer and Julian Resch, appearing together as “Cuppettas” with Austrians Lower Austrians Jakob Heuberger and Marvin Paoloxy. Bauer and Rich are also members of the school of music group the Mount Cinema Band.

Resch and Heuberger got to know each other at a summer camp and didn’t stay with a one-off gig as originally planned. “This performance worked really well and we grew more and more together,” says guitarist Michael Bauer. After a performance at the Mattersburger Bauermühle at the “Band Camp” and at the “Rock the Garden” at Forchtenstein, things really took off and several shows in Vienna followed. In the “Planet Festival Band Competition” in Vienna in the Gasometer they survived the group stage as well as the semi-finals, on May 20 the final will take place in the Gasometer with a total of 13 participants.

Julian Resch is the band’s drummer. How did he get into music? “My grandfather Edward Rink was a drummer in the musical group Silence. When I was four years old I saw him play at a concert. I knew at the time: I also want to learn what my grandfather plays,” says Julian Resch, who also explains how The name of the band came up: “Michael came to a meeting and said he had written a Latin school assignment and that he would have had a great word for it”.

Anyone who wants to experience the young band live has the opportunity to do so this Friday in Mattersburg, where they will be performing at Peacock at 8:30 p.m.