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Breakdance: technically demanding athletics

Breakdance: technically demanding athletics

B-Boy Koda is the rising face of the Vienna scene. The amazing dance is freedom and sophistication for the 17-year-old, in the home event who wants to follow the Olympic course.

Legs and upper body extended short, wrists extended, Elias Rosas Rondinelli was in place: standing on his head, curled around his axis or standing on the tip of the elbow. Making such tricks look easy is the 17-year-old’s daily bread. As B-Boy Koda, he has set himself the ambitious goal of becoming Austria’s best break dancer. This time the jukebox on stage at the Mamporama Dance Studio in Vienna’s 6th district remained silent, only demonstrating its capabilities in excerpts from the photographer’s lens.

Koda explains his enthusiasm for the dance style that was popular in the Bronx, New York hip-hop scene in the 1970s when it originated. Here, in the company of his parents, the path taken by the teenager through Red Bull Cypher Austria began on Saturday in the halls of the Vienna factory (from 6 pm / Qualification today at 7 pm, live broadcast and ServusTV is running) should lead to the World Cup in Paris in the fall and possibly to the Olympic Games in 2024. “Everyone will be there, and that pressure gives me strength. I dance for my whole family.”

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