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Matthias Schweigofer was able to be a father in this pandemic

Matthias Schweigofer was able to be a father in this pandemic

For director and actor Matthias Schweigofer, the coronavirus pandemic has also been a time for pause. The 40-year-old said he noticed he was traveling very fast beforehand. “I no longer had to rush from one event to the next, but I had the peace of mind to write and develop scripts. I also managed to be a father.” He has calmed down and hopes to continue to do so.

Schweigover has been in a relationship with co-star Robbie O.V. (25) for several years, but acting isn’t a big deal to them. “The important thing is that we have healthy connections. There is no dependence on each other, no expectations of the other. Everyone has equal rights, and everyone takes responsibility.”

Schweigofer said the reason for his life reorganization is likely a midlife crisis. He had previously looked at his private life relatively little, and now he is more interested in himself. “My life should not only be characterized by success. Success is wonderful, but tomorrow it will end.”

Schweighöfer can currently be seen in the zombie thriller “Army Of The Dead” on the Netflix streaming service. There he plays a clumsy safe cracker game.

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