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Beatrice Egli: Floral Chain and Colorful Puff Skirt: A striking birthday look

Beatrice Egli: Floral Chain and Colorful Puff Skirt: A striking birthday look

Since her victory with DSDS in 2013 Beatrice Egli (33) It is impossible to imagine the world of strikes without it. Swiss women inspire with their music and friendly charisma wherever they go Happen or occur. On the occasion of her 33rd birthday, the singer is receiving endless congratulations on Instagram today (June 21). Beatrice Egli is letting her fans take part in the Christmas holidays and post colorful snapshots of the party night to her Instagram story. It seemed that they danced lively and sprinkled a lot of colorful confetti. The pop singer’s eye-catching birthday look is also really eye-catching! With such a good mood, it’s no wonder it was a long night.

Beatrice Egli prefers things to be colorful, and not just because one of her songs is called exactly. In the video above you can see the happy pictures of her birthday party.

Beatrice Egli shooting high

Not only does Beatrice Egli have a great voice, but she also has good physical condition and sporting ambitions. The superstar has set herself a goal this year Matterhorn To climb in Switzerland. A bold project that requires professional preparation. Beatrice Egli gives her fans updates about her challenging training sessions on Instagram. In May, the singer climbed her first peak four thousand meters with Pollux. In doing so, she admitted that training “was a huge challenge” for her. At 4,478 metres, the Matterhorn will also be a major challenge for Beatrice Egli. But then, the 33-year-old can really be proud of herself!

Beatrice Egli in a blast of tulle! In the video below we show you the singer’s lavish dress.