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McDonald's verkauft Digital-Startup an MasterCard - Aktien im Plus

McDonald’s sells digital start-up to MasterCard – raising shares | 12/21/21

McDonald’s is selling a startup it bought three years ago to credit card company MasterCard.

As the fast food chain announced, Dynamic Yield Ltd. is expected to grow faster through the acquisition. McDonald’s plans to continue working with Dynamic Yield and MasterCard to bring the company’s technology to additional markets.

The startup helps retailers deliver personalized digital promotions to consumers using customer data streams. “With Dynamic Yield’s expertise, scale and relationships, we will be able to take the communications between the end user and our customers to a new level,” said Raj Seshadri, Head of Data and Services at Mastercard.

McDonald’s shares are currently up 0.96 percent on the New York Stock Exchange to $264.25, while MasterCard shares are up 1.9 percent on the $343.43.

The companies did not mention the terms of the deal.

by Kimberly Chen

New York (Dow Jones)

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