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Mechanical keyboards can be annoying too – dpa

Mechanical keyboards can be annoying too – dpa

MMechanical keyboards are less suitable for community office work than membrane keyboards or scissor mechanism keyboards.

“Depending on the model, typing sounds are much louder and can be annoying, and the louder design is often seen as a disadvantage,” says Christophe De Leeuw of Computer Bild about the potential limitations of mechanical keyboards.

Just try everything

Before making a purchase, he recommends: Trying out different mechanical keyboards with different types of keys so you can get a feel for the typing experience and noise level.

In the end, the overall picture must be correct. However, you should also keep in mind that mechanical keyboards can be repaired and last longer than keyboards that operate according to other principles.

How long do buttons last?

Manufacturers estimate the lifespan of mechanical keyboards at about 100 million keystrokes, while membrane keyboards, also known as rubber dome keyboards, only last 10 million keystrokes. Keyboards with a scissor mechanism, a more stable type of membrane keyboard that is also often used in laptops, last twice as long, at 20 million keystrokes.

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