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TikTok videos on Instagram – successfully use the advantages of the platforms

TikTok videos on Instagram – successfully use the advantages of the platforms

If you want to “establish yourself” as an online brand, work as a content creator or freelance as a creative person, you can't avoid TikTok and Instagram. But even those who use the platforms for private purposes can increase their follower count with a little knowledge.

Posting on social networks like Instagram or TikTok should, first and foremost, be fun, useful and ideally entertaining. But if you approach your personal channel or your brand presence professionally and Instagram or Tik Tok followers If you want to win, you need a well-thought-out strategy.

This begins with an analysis of the target group and approach, and continues through topic plans and discretionary community management of potential advertising partnerships. It is very important to know the dynamics and technical capabilities of TikTok and Instagram to use them sensibly.

Understand TikTok and Instagram and gain the advantages

In order to gain strategic advantages and increase your chances of success and increase the number of followers on TikTok and Instagram, it is important to consider some points:

  • Algorithm: If you understand the Instagram and TikTok algorithm, you can adjust your videos and photos according to the habits and interests of your target group. This is important because algorithms show users content that matches their personal preferences.
  • interaction: Anyone who is constantly active on social networks and regularly posts new content that entertains their audience and ensures a high level of engagement. You can easily interact with followers via the voting and commenting function.
  • Authenticity and naturalness: It is becoming increasingly clear that honest and transparent behavior is becoming more prevalent on social networks. Anyone who presents themselves with rough edges and is open about mistakes will gain acceptance. Although video and photo filters are still popular, there are now many followers here who want a little more nature.
  • Privacy and platform policies: Both TikTok and Instagram have strict guidelines when it comes to engaging with the community. If you keep in mind what is and isn't allowed, you won't run the risk of having your photos and videos deleted or your account banned. The same applies to data protection. You must ensure that no personal or sensitive data is published to the public.
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How the combination of TikTok and Instagram became a success

In order to increase your reach and/or reach a new target group, it makes sense to use the synergies between Instagram and TikTok. There are billions of people around the world using TikTok and Instagram. Given these numbers, the potential is huge.

The connection between Instagram and TikTok is ideal for cross-promotion. This means you create a teaser or TikTok video and embed it on Instagram. On the other hand, you can reference your TikTok channel in your Insta bio. In this way, followers are informed about the account on the other social network.

If you keep an eye on the trends on TikTok and Instagram and adapt your content to them as “naturally” as possible, you can attract massive interest. Using trending hashtags also aims to increase awareness on both platforms. This is important to More followers To attract.

Anyone who cleverly uses filters and visual effects as well as the poll function on Instagram and TikTok dramatically increases engagement with their community and boosts overall engagement.

Get rewarded with likes: amazing TikTok videos on Instagram

When it comes to the success of TikTok videos, there are some factors to consider when creating them.

Clips should be as short as possible (about 35 seconds) and concise, as many users have a fairly short attention span. However, clips created in the app can be up to one minute long, and videos uploaded can now be up to ten minutes long.

Anyone who is particularly creative, original, funny, or original in their videos and breaks away from common viewing habits will attract the attention of the community. It's also helpful to consider overall trends and TikTok challenges to ensure more engagement.

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TikTok videos are streamed with background music. It doesn't matter whether the funny audio clips are repetitive or whether you have suitable audio clips Search for TikTok songs It should – in this case, the sound makes the music and crowns every TikTok video.

Anyone who places great importance on good video editing, high-quality equipment and beautiful furnishings can usually look forward to more views, positive comments and likes.

It's easy to embed TikTok videos on Instagram

It is important that before posting a TikTok video, you move the slider in the settings to “Save to device”. This means that you can access the video in your personal photo/video gallery on your smartphone at any time.

Merging TikTok videos on Instagram is very easy. If you open the TikTok app, you can give TikTok access to your Instagram data via Settings. Now tap on the profile picture icon and “Edit Profile”.

Several options will open in a new window, click on “Instagram” and then “Connect Instagram”. After entering your Instagram username and password, your Instagram account is linked to your TikTok channel.

TikTok video in Instagram story

TikTok video can be posted to Insta story. Open the TikTok video in question in the TikTok app and tap on the arrow icon or the “Share” sign. Now you should select “Instagram” as the channel and you will be automatically redirected to the Instagram app. Here you tap on the “Story” icon, select the followers you want to share the video with – done!

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TikTok video at Carousel Post

It is also possible to embed a TikTok video into a carousel post. Up to ten Instagram photos or videos can be uploaded in one post. To embed a TikTok video, you must tap on it in the TikTok app and save it under “Download.”

After opening the Instagram application and creating a new post, the content of the carousel post can be selected by long pressing on the smartphone screen. For this purpose, a previously saved TikTok video can also be selected and inserted. Then click “Share” and the carousel post will appear in your feed.

TikTok video in Instagram Reel

A TikTok video can also be uploaded to Instagram as a “Reel”. The reel can consist of several 15-second clips that follow each other. It can be supplemented with music, GIFs, visual effects, text fields as well as people tags and captions. By clicking “Share”, the clip will be published along with the TikTok video on Instagram.